Not able to play the videos which are uploaded by me and my publishers its in loading state for a long time in the console

i installed the kaltura on centos7 and i am able to upload my videos but getting issue while playing.
i am able to see the video preview but not able to play it.
when i click on video it will ge in loading state for a long time and in the console and from the server level i didn’t find any issues,
can anyone help me out here

thanks and reagrds in advance,
ganesh reddy

now the videos are getting uploaded and I am able to convert it but the videos are in a loading state for a long and I am not able to play them since last week.
in the kaltlog and /opt/Kaltura/log also I did not find anything
but I got a error while pausing the video in chrome inspect here is the SS of it

if you require any particular logs please let me know i will provide