Non-KAF Moodle plugins support the default theme of the Moodle 3


Hello, everyone.

This is an announcement.

Our non-KAF Moodle plugins (YU Kaltura Media Package) support the “Boost” theme of the Moodle in latest version (1.1.7).

In version 1.1.6 and earlier, if the Moodle site employs the Boost theme, the “My Media” (local_yumymedia) could not display list of the Kaltura media correctly.
And, link to the “My media” did not display in menu of “Boost” theme.

In the version 1.1.7, the “My Media” displays media list correctly even under the “Boost” theme.
And, link to the “My media” is displayed in the “Navigation” menu (left-side menu) in the “Boost” theme.

Additionally, recently versions of activity modules (mod_kalmediaassign and mod_kalmediares)support “Course reset” functions of the Moodle.