Newbie question re: developer account & KMC access

I signed up for a developer account and can sign in and do all sorts of interesting things with the KMC GUI and API (

But I want to see what an end user of the MediaSpace portal/CMS will see, and I cant figure out how to access the MediaSpace portal (I think KMC fronts the MediaSpace portal…)

I hate asking, but searching hasn’t helped. Many thanks for not calling me names.

Hi Zip,

Thank you for taking interest in Kaltura.

Basically to access your MediaSpace SaaS account just type your partner ID (which should be in you Email and KMC account under integration and {PartnerID} after it.

For example:

For the admin settings, same with /admin

For example:

Just use your KMC user and password to access.

Hope it helps.


Shalom M.
3rd Level Front End Engineer

Hi Shalom, I did try this address, unfortunately to no avail - (

I got this ID from my KMC login - Partner ID: 2711052

Thanks for your suggestion - any other ideas?