Newbie question.....Kaltura requiring browser update?

Hello folks
Our company has just adopted Kaltura Classrooms to deliver training remotely to clients. We’re finding those invited to classrooms are being required to update their browser by Kaltura before they can access it - which is causing a huge problem as most so far have not been able to do this thanks to corporate IT policies.

We did look at browser compatibility before we opted for Kaltura and the information on the website suggested it was compatible with previous versions of the mainstream browsers (eg Chrome etc) - has this changed?

Is there anything else we can do about this?

Thank you

Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out! We’d be happy to help.
Did you purchase Kaltura via the website using credit card or through our sales team?
Please email with your account details and we’d be happy to help!

Hello Zohar
Thank you for your response.

I don’t know the account details - my company is owned by a PLC, who have licences for Kaltura and have passed a number down to us. I was really just hoping I could get some general advice from this forum without needing to use the customer support options - this is quite urgent, we have customers waiting for training but can’t roll it out at the moment due to the issues we’re experiencing.

I can obviously either get the account details or get someone to contact you if that’s the only route, but are you able at least to confirm whether Kaltura requires the most recent version of browsers - or even if there is a limit to the older versions it will support without requiring an update? If it’s the latter, is there somewhere that specifies the oldest version of the main browsers that can work with it without having to be updated?

If there is a limit to the age of browser version that can be use, and there’s no way around this, then there’s little point in us spending time contacting you - our time would be better spent letting our clients know and looking at ways we can deal with it!

Thank you again for your help

Kind regards

Hi Carla,

For a list of all supported browsers and OS, please refer to this help article:

You can also use our test page to verify if your machine has all the right specs (including OS, Browser, Mic, Cam and network connection):

Should you require assistance in setup or rollup to your users, we’d be happy to assist.

Hello, thank you for your help. The test link has been very useful!

For anyone else having a similar problem, we’ve now established via our Kaltura account manager that it does not require the latest version of browsers to operate, but won’t work with very old versions. I haven’t been able to establish exactly which versions will work, but it certainly works with at least the previous few versions of Chrome.

Thanks again for your help, Zohar.

Kind regards