New version of non-KAF Moodle plugins


Hello, everyone.

This is an announcement.

We have released new version of non-KAF moodle plugins for the Kaltura CE.
Latest version of our plugins (YU Kaltura Media Package) is 1.2.0.
Now, these plugins are published in the Moodle plugin directory and the Github.

In old versions, teachers (students) must upload/record a media by using “My Media” before using the media in resource (activity) modules.
In version 1.2.0, the teachers (the students) can upload/record new media when they embed (submit) the media in resource (activity) modules.
Therefore, we have created new setting items in setting page of local plugin.
By using these items, administrators can permit users to upload/record media in resource and activity modules.
However, these new forms are not be displayed correctly on low resolution screens, so new uploading/recording functions may not work well with smartphones.
As in previous versions, users can also upload/record the media using the “My Media”.

And, by changes of specifications of WebRTC APIs in the Mozilla Firefox, our webcam recorder was not able to work with the Firefox 62.0.0 and later versions.
This issue has been fixed in version 1.2.0.

we hope that our plugins will be helpful for something.