New Kaltura CE releases?

Hello @jess

I´m a little ashamed to ask but are any new releases expected in the near term ?

Since we have seen very little movements lately, I’m curious.



I was wondering the same thing. The last release is more than one year old. Is the CE version always actively maintained ?

Many thanks.

I understand that the is active and new releases are coming in.

What troubles me is the fact that ancient (and probably vulnerable) versions of PHP and MySQL are required even years after their EOL.

In times of cyber warfare and widespread ransomware attacks I can’t even think of provisioning a Kaltura Server with its current dependency tree. All kinds of alarms would sound instantly in my employer’s cloud monitoring apps.

Having a huge code base with such a detailed data model (btw, thanks Kaltura for that) it would be really tough for individual contributors (in their personal free time) to make Kaltura Server compatible with newer versions of PHP and MySQL. It looks like it is a job for a task force inside the company.

Also, I think this lack of updates in the dependency tree could (and will) scare off customer prospects for the paid version as well.