New install. Short videos play. Longer videos never play

I’ve made it past my previous issues with CA Cert. I now have a mostly working instance.

Now my problem is with the player I think? This applies to the default aquarium, logo videos that populate by default upon install as well as publisher-uploaded videos.

When I try and play a video that is 10 seconds or shorter, the video plays perfectly. When I try and play a video that’s about 20 seconds or more, the video never loads and the spinner keeps spinning.

This applies in the KMC as well as in a shared link/embed.
I’ve looked at firefox web developer tools console and no errors appear when I hit play. In the network tab I see it calls to port 88 on the broken video, but not on the working one. What config might be telling the longer video to call up port 88?

This problem has been consistent for me on multiple installs and configurations on CentOS7, with SSL, without SSL, with SSL offloading. All producing same non-working video. I’ve not looked at the networks tab on a non-SSL install yet.

In the flavors panel I can preview all the flavors just fine.

Sample working video:

Sample longer non-working video:


Check that the manifest is delivering everything on https. I think that you might have a mixed protocol problem.



I was thinking it might be a mixed protocol issue, but when I ran a test doing a fresh install with non-SSL configuration I had the same problem with longer videos not playing. I don’t have that site up and running to do more inspection. I just know that short videos played and long videos didn’t.

I’m running on an ESXi VM with 4GB memory allocated and 8 CPUs. Is there some kind of memory or buffer setting within Kaltura configs that I need to raise?

I see this problem:
You are pulling the manifest like this:

I recommend you to use a standard port because it is not consistent to use https on port 88. What we do is to serve everything on https (443) and proxy_pass the delivery profile (hls) to kaltura_nginx on port 88.

For doing this you need to create a delivery profile (apple_http, vod_packager_hls) via the admin console.
Sorry for being this short, but I guess you understand,


Hi @thatcherk1,

Starting from player v2.48.1 HLS is the default delivery protocol and serving the manifest and fragmetns is done by the Nginx VOD module.
However, if your entry is shorter than 10 seconds, progressive download will still be used because there is no added value in using HLS for such short entries. Additionally, if you have only one flavour for a given entry, progressive download will also be used since there is no value in adaptive bitrate delivery if the entry does not include flavours of different bitrates.

Please review the below thread where I explain how the VOD Nginx module works and annotate all the relevant configurations:

@david.eusse, the concept makes sense. And this explains why even my non-SSL test instance wasn’t working. I never opened port 88 on my firewall.

However being a bit fresh I don’t quite understand what the delivery profile is, or where on the admin console one can be created. Can you give me an example?

Is the delivery profile basically telling Kaltura where to send HLS. So I set it up with a specific URL and then proxy_pass that on to port 88 for nginx to pick it up? Does this question even make sense?

Then on my offloading nginx server I just create another server block listening for what the delivery profile specified, and proxy_passing it on to port 88? And Do I maintain all those header lines in this server block same as for my normal Kaltura proxy_pass?

I think I generally understand the concepts. But It’s the details I’m less familiar with.

@david.eusse do you have an example of how to create the correct delivery profile. I’m not really sure how delivery profiles work.