Need help on implementation of Kaltura sdk 3.0 on iOS

I have a iOS app using Kaltura sdk 2.0 where I a just use a KPViewController just this way:

KPViewController.init(url: "********/sp/*******/embedIframeJs/uiconf_id/\(playerId)/partner_id/\(partnerId)?iframeembed=true&entry_id=\(entryId)")

And everything works as expected, now I’m trying to integrate with sdk 3.0 but I can not find any component similar to KPViewController and following the basic example in GitHub ( I am able to play external playlists and videos but I can not find a way to play the videos in my KMC content.

I cannot understand what am I missing, can you give me some help?

Please see the OVPStarter sample for something similar to what you’re looking for.
Note that you’ll still have to implement your playback UI (controls) – unlike v2, this is not built-in. The sample app contains some pointers.