Need help in skipping transcoding the flavors but still make entries

I am trying to export the source to a remote storage without any transcoding within Kaltura but I need to maintain the entries for respective flavors within Kaltura for better management.
I can export and play from remote storage but this ends up either not making entries for the flavors OR make entries and transcode within Kaltura.

Shakti Dhar


I am not 100% certain I understand the question, if my answer does answer it, please re-iterate.
If the question is rather or not you can push assets to the system without going through transcoding the answer is yes. You can use our API to do so programatically or use KMC to do so one by one.


Hello Jess, Sorry for delay in getting back.

I see what you mean. No, uploading an encoded asset for a particular flavor won’t do.
Because once the video is sent to remote server, all encoding is done there.
We need to be able to maintain references to the flavors on remote storage.
Our intention is to use Kaltura for all it’s bells and whistles and all nice things, but no heavy lifting ( all expensive processing and storage is being sent over to other platforms.)
Since Kaltura is not doing the transcoding, it has no reference of the flavors.
As a workaround, we intend to handle this programmatically.

So, the solution is : once the video is exported to the remote storage, we will make the entries corresponding to the flavors.

The question is how to implement this? Because if we enable flavors, it will start transcoding which we don’t want.


We do not really have this use case. I suppose you could create an empty entry using the API and then create flavors accordingly and provide the remote storage path but may I ask why you do not wish to use FFMPEG and Kaltura’s algo for transcoding?

On the question of not using Kaltura.
Actually, it’s not about Kaltura but about affording large servers and storage.
Kaltura is the best wholesome package we could find to manage all parts together.
But cost of deploying and maintaining the infra is huge.

Thanks for your inputs. I will check further.
Any clues where to begin for creating empty entries after the file has been exported?


I would think any transcoding solution similar in volume will require similar processing capabilities. What do you plan on using as an alternative?

Upload the video to youtube, using youtube apis. Keep the video code and then use youtube players for various assets of differing bit rates.
Takes care of all costs and streaming related issues in one go but still gives us excellent media management et al for now.
You tube for now. Once things (finances etc) come in, we plan to move transcoding to cheaper servers and continue with Kaltura as central management portal.