Need help about integration with wowza

how to repaire this


Because we are currently working on an alternative implementation to live streaming, one that will not require Wowza and will instead make use of Nginx and its RTMP module, we decide not to support use of the media-server and Wowza against CE anymore. I will update this thread when the new mechanism is ready for testing.


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Hi Jess,

Just to say that you almost read my mind. We have used nginx-rtmp extensively and I was thinking on writing a couple of scripts for calling the API (on_publish) for authenticating and pushing the published streams with kaltura.

We’l be glad to help with testing because we already run nginx+rtmp+vod on our servers.


David Eusse

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thanks for your reply. I have successfully integrated with wowza. and I’m looking forward to your nginx+rtmp thread.

Hi @david.eusse, @llj567890,

Will certainly let you both know when it’s ready for testing.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi Jess

Hope you are well. We have a Kaltura CE server setup on AWS.

We were just going to integrate wowza streaming engine with Kaltura for Live streaming however i have seen your last comments and wondered what is the timescale for the new implementation to be made available??

Will this new implementation also include DVR and Live to VOD functionality??


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Hi @amar,

The new implementation will eventually replace all functionality currently achieved using and Wowza. We do not have a date for an official release yet but like I said, I will keep you all posted.


Hello all,

As promised, with 12.4.0, one can now accomplish live streaming w/o the need for Wowza.
Please see:

For more info.

This does not yet include DVR or recording but eventually this will be supported as well.