Multiple videos in a single page with single control

Hi all,

I am new to web development, so answer to my question might be very simple.
I want to achieve http_:// (please remove _ after http) , where there are three videos and a single controller. Using Google sites and Kaltura, I able to embed multiple videos but they all have their own controller.
If it requires use of any third party library whether paid or open source then also its OK to me.

I would really appreciate any help on this topic.


I am not quite sure your question relates to Kaltura. Can you please paste your code sample for a better understanding of the issue?

Thank you,

If you want all players to play together you will need kaltura js API to sync them.
you can start here:

If I had to do this, I would start by
mw.setConfig( ‘EmbedPlayer.RewriteSelector’, false ) ;
And then create 3 players without any controls. and then add one master control with kaltura js sdk ( or use one of the players as the master player).
Good Luck.
If you can post a few words on what you are trying to achieve, we may all share in the glorious attempts. :slight_smile: