Multiple camera angles to one liveEntry


after much (customer-related) struggling, i managed to stream to an rtmp endpoint via gstreamer/ffmpeg, where the url has a form like:


some questions:

  • how is a multiple-camera-angle stream to be setup, i.e. streaming 2 different video sources to the same live entry - is this possible at all? or have distinct live stream entries to be created to achieve this?

  • creating a live stream entry obtains different results, depending on if i create a entry via the api_v3/testme console or via my command line client - in particular, they differ by the values for ‘DVR Status’ and ‘Active Recording’ - i want both values to be set to ‘Off’, which works when adding the entry via the testme console.
    in both cases, i set sourceType = LIVE_STREAM, conversionProfileId = id for passthrough, liveStreamEntry:sourceType = LIVE_STREAM.

nevertheless, for my commandline client the DVR Status is empty, and the Recording Active is set to ‘On’

any ideas?

hari / austria