Multi-select custom metadata field value in Account Dump

Hello Everyone,

We have a media space that hosts around 1500 live videos for our SAP Customers and Partners. For backup purposes, we use Kaltura’s Account Dump Script from Github. It does work fine unless you don’t use “Multi-Select” fields for custom metadata.

Github Link:

Custom Metadata Field: Roles
Selected Value: Expert, Executive, Admin

Now the problem is the script which we copied from Github is only dumping first value in “Multi-Select” custom fields and do not store all the values.

So, if someone has already faced this issue then can you please provide a code snippet which can be used for pulling all metadata fields values in PHP (I have no skills in PHP and as a workaround, we are using JS-based dump which generating a new excel which causes additional maintain the effort for our support team)


Hello @saurabhkabrasap,

I corrected your issue here:

Thank you. Now it works fine.