Monitoring of "Kaltura Admin Console" is not showing anything!

Immediately after installation.
After some research, I found out that “src=”//admin:monit …" in “monit.phtml” in “monit.phtml”.
This seems to be changed by “”.
sed -i “s#@MONIT_PASSWD@#$DB1_PASS#” -i $BASE_DIR/app/admin_console/views/scripts/index/monit.phtml
There are lines.

“monit.conf” has been edited with “sed” from “monit.template.conf”.
In “monit.template.conf”, the
allow root@MONIT_PASSWD@.
In “monit.phtml”, you should add “src=//root:@MONIT_PASSWORD@…” before executing “”. before executing “”, I think it should also be “src=//root:@MONIT_PASSWORD@…”.

Now you can see “Monitoring” when you access it from “Firefox”.
My problem is that it still does not appear from Internet Explorer 11 / Edge / Google Chrome.
Please let me know if anyone knows why.