mobileAutoPlay issue with android mobile devices not auto playing

I’m applying this from the Studio in the KMC, now i made it work in IOS(IPAD and IPHONE) as spected no sound until interaction, but in android phones the spinner of the katura player keeps spinning indefinitely, i’m adding the variables in the player studio to the plug in section in the UI Variables
EmbedPlayer.WebKitPlaysInline: true

mobileAutoPlay: true

what im doing wrong?

Either way i’m haunted by the fact that youtube in mobile autoplays any video in any platform, it’s something that browsers let youtube do? Do Google pays apple to autoplay in webkit safari in IOS i can’t figure it out.

There was a recent change to safari in the latest OSX release. So I am not sure there is a fix to this issue. I mention it in my thread.

Thank you very much for the replay, but that’s not my issue, my problem is with android 5+ in cell phones mostly.

I tried it on my Galaxy S8 and got the same results with a standard player. Though, I dont recall ever being able to enable auto play. I will configured the setting your mention and see if I get the same results. Heck I didn’t consider it was possible to auto play without an app on mobile phones.

Youtube web mobile does, do you have any idea how they do it?

I would have to let @jess answer that question on how get this to work that way on Kaltura CE but I last time I check the API for Google they were streaming content using LightSpeed with stream tokens. It might be related to how the stream is passed to the player. This part I am not well verse on.