Mobile Autoplay and Mobile silent Autoplay


I use Kaltura 11.x but I’m testing kaltura 12.8 and in particular the new player features and player improvements.
Unfortunately autoplay and mobile autoplay are not present, although new browsers, as Chrome 53 for Android ( and Safari for iOS 10.x ( ), support muted autoplay also inline.

Anyone can confirm me if there is a solution to mobile autoplay e mobile muted autoplay using Kaltura 12.8?
Alternatively, anyone knows if Kaltura has planned to support the silent autoplay on mobile device, also plays inline, for Android and iOS?


anyone can share any information about it? thanks in advance

Hi amletoguerra,

We are currently working on our new and improved version of the player, scheduled for end of Q3. Autoplay on mobile web will be part of the new player.

Karin Singer, Player Product Manager @Kaltura

Hi Karin,

it sounds good, I’ll follow the development improvements.