Migrating to V2 flavor set

While we were in the process of resolving a support request with Kaltura, we were advised we are still on the V1 Flavor set and we should move to V2 Flavor set. We are primarily using KMC SaaS and the YouTube Connector. We have some questions in preparation to migrating to the V2 Flavor set, if anyone is able to give us some guidance, that would be much appreciated.

  1. Where within the KMC SaaS can we see what version of Flavor set we are on at any stage?
  2. Any known issues or warnings when migrating to V2 Flavor set?
  3. How long did the V2 Flavor set migration take?


You can see the currently configured flavours under:
KMS->Settings->Transcoding Settings

The v2 flavour set has been around for a long while now, so there shouldn’t be any issues, that said, please contact your account manager for more info about the process.

Thank you Jess

We are familiar with KMS->Settings->Transcoding Settings but what can I expect to see different when we are migrated to V2 Flavor set? Is there anything to indicate the version of the Flavor set?