Migrating content managed by KAF to another Kaltura instance managed by KMC

Hello Kaltura community,

we are migrating all video content managed by Kaltura Application Framework with its categories, users, playlists, channels, permissions (unlisted, private, published) to another Kaltura instance which has no KAF so far (but eventually will have too). Is there some tool to do that? So far we have decided to use API calls to do that, the plan is like this:

  1. on new server creating the folder like structure with categories, this should transfer categories, channels, and media permissions (we figured out permissions are done by categories unlisted, private) and their appropriate metadata. Since new categories will have different categoryIds we will need to map it.

  2. uploading all media from old server to the new one with mapped category ids and userIds (we are lucky old users are subset of users on a new server)

  3. Not sure if we also need to upload categoryentry object which seems to connect categories and its entries, since we need categoryIds and entryIds mapping this needs to be done after.

  4. Eventually we want to set a new KAF with a new server, redirect the URL so the users have seamless experience.

This will hopefully take care of all media metadata and permissions. Is this the correct way of migrating? Well I guess we might find after doing some pre-initial testing. If anybody has some experience or advice on this feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello Zbynek,

I am a bit confused as to how you work with Kaltura… you mentioned KAF which made me thing you are probably using our SaaS but then you are referring to ‘oid server’ vs. ‘new server’ which makes me think perhaps this is CE or OnPrem?
If SaaS, I suggest you consult with support about this but in general, yes, you can certainly use the API to do a migration but note that the IDs for everything [entries, categories, kusers, any entity really] will change. This means, among other things, that any player embeds you have will not work [unless you intend to keep the old instance alive too].

If it is self hosted, please look at older discussions in this forum around the same issue. If you have control over both servers [old and new] and you can upgrade the old to the same Kaltura version as you intend to run the new with, you can get away with just exporting and importing the data to the new server, thus keeping all the IDs exactly the same.

Hello Jess,
thanks for your quick response, yes we are using SaaS and we have several instances of Kaltura. Our goal is to migrate content from ‘A’ instance which is managed by KAF to ‘B’ instance that never used KAF and is connected to Canvas Instructure. We plan to set empty KAF to instance ‘B’ also, transfer all media from ‘A’ and its metadata with categories, channels, permissions, and so on and we would like to have our clients seamless experience. Is there any tool to do that or do we have to build our own migration application using Kaltura API? We are ready to do object’s IDs mapping.


There is a Kaltura to Kaltura connector that imports assets from one partner to another.
I suggest you contact our support about it, they can advise you as to the best route to take.