Media Space Vs Plugin for Moodle


I would like to try to use Kaltura fro my project on education. I found both Media Space and plugin for Moodle.
Which one do you think is more indicated?



I’d say that really depends on your needs and what the project is about.
If you intend to base it on Moodle, then using the plugin is certainly something you will want.
If not, then you might consider MediaSpace. An example of a MediaSpace site:

an example of a Moodle site using the Kaltura plugin is our own University here:

Thanks! I think Media Space is simply amazing!
Just a question: are there any differences between commercial and CE edition of Media Space?


Hi Andrea,

MediaSpace is a not free software, it only has a commercial version.
You can host it on your own ENV or use it as SaaS from Kaltura’s DC but either way, it costs money.

CE is completely free and is licensed as AGPLv3. It is basically the free edition of the Kaltura Server, which is the same code base that is used for running our SaaS at

MediaSpace makes API calls to the Kaltura server to achieve its operations so, if you choose to go with CE, you will need implement your own front end for it, like MediaSpace does.

CE does include management consoles such as Admin Console and KMC but these interfaces are meant for the people who administer the platform, not for end users.

Thanks for clarifying.
I looked at Kaltura website to get information on Media Space.
Please, could you tell me how I can learn more on it?

You can contact our sales team via and I’m sure they’ll be happy to provide more info.


We use both Media Space and plugin for Moodle with only one Kaltura at backend. What we found was that they didn’t talk to each other about whether media has been embedded or published on counterpart.

For example, I uploaded a video to plugin for Moodle and published it in a course. Then I log into Media Space, I can see the video is still in private status from My Media of Media Space. So I deleted this video from Media Space and re-log into plugin for Moodle. I got the ‘Access deny’ in Moodle where the video was embedded.

As Media Space and Moodle share one Kaltura backend, the ‘My Media’ in Media Space and Moodle are same. But Media Space didn’t know that this video had been embedded in Moodle, so the video can be deleted in Media Space. That caused the error msg ‘Access deny’ in Moodle.

Could you please let me know the way Media Space and plugin for Moodle share one Kaltura at backend is correct? Or they have to configure their own Kaltura separately?

Thank you,