Logout Redirect URL

Hey there guys,
I had a small query regarding the logout redirect for a media space end user hope i could find a solution here from someone.

So the scenario is for a media space user who is logged in while tries to logout from kaltura we want the user to be redirected to our custom landing page not the mediaspace base url.
i.e [kaltura partnerid].mediaspace.com to custom url after logging out.

So, in our case we are not using any SAML and in the media space configuration i could only find logout redirect url for saml.
So not sure how we can do this.
Thankyou in advance

Hello @samyam,

You cannot automatically redirect in your case. However, you can add any text you wish to the login page by setting a value to the phLoginInstruction directive ($KMS_BASE_URL/admin/config/tab/auth#phLoginInstruction). You can include HTML tags there as well.

Thankyou Jess for the solution.

You’re welcome, @samyam

You’re welcome, @kimmiler. Glad you found it helpful as well