Login using kaltura credentials

I want kaltura users to login in to my application using kaltura credentials. Means I want to authenticate them with kaltura credentials only, in the same way ‘facebook connect’ does. I didnt find any documentation related to this on kaltura documentation, can anyone helps how to achive this, or guide my to the link where I can get some help
Any help will be greatly appriciated…
Thanks in advance.

Hi Himashu,
You can proxy the request to Kaltura.
Kaltura has several clients : http://www.kaltura.com/api_v3/testme/client-libs.php
so you can use it to send the login request to kaltura

Thanks for the quick reply:)
I am relatively new to Kaltura APIs, could you please guide me which api i can use to proxy the login request?
Once I proxy the request what response I will get?


Look here for the API: http://www.kaltura.com/api_v3/testmeDoc/index.php?service=user&action=loginbyloginid
you will get back a session id.
If you want to “work” again with kaltura you can use this session (til expiry) using client->setKs(your session), without relogin

Thanks oferc1 :smile:
I am able to login now.