Local Setup of Kaltura Server


I am trying to run Kaltura backend (Server) on my local machine - MacOS, but unable to find relevant document/steps to do same.

I manage to run KMC-ng locally which is pointing to my prod profille.

Hello @akash-accedo,

As noted here: https://github.com/kaltura/platform-install-packages/blob/Propus-16.11.0/doc/pre-requisites.md#kaltura-ce-pre-requisites

We do not officially support anything but Linux. That said, there’s nothing preventing your from porting it to Mac if you’re so inclined. If you opt to do so, I encourage you to contribute a guide detailing the steps you took.

Please note however, that Kaltura relies on many third party components, some of which require special build flags to support certain options (FFmpeg would be a prime example of that) or specific versions (Sphinx is such a case).
You can find all the package specs, for both RPM and deb in the above repo.


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