Local files not purging when storage export job is completed


I have gone through this thread https://github.com/kaltura/server/issues/1040 - that’s an old thread.

But after the export job is completed, there are no jobs being created in batch_job_sep with the job_type = 31.

I have worker enabled in batch.ini file and as well as “purge files on deletion” option enabled in configuration.

Related issue:

“purge files on deletion” option is working when deleting the entries (which is sensible), its creating job with job_type = 31 and does delete file from local storage. However, it does not delete from the external storage (s3 in my case) and throws an error “Error: Can’t delete file [remote-file-url]”. I suppose this issue should be on a new thread.


Hello @abrar,

Are you positive the s3:DeleteObject permission is set for the bucket in question? If not, that would certainly explain it. If you believe it is set, are you able to delete files from this bucket using the AWS CLI client?

Please also see:

The Kaltura Server implementation for deleting a file over S3 is here:

protected function doDelFile ($remote_file)

You can add some debug prints to further diagnose the issue.