Load .css files in the Player v7


How we can use the Player v7 (TV Platform player) with a specified .css file? In the player v2 we have a UI variable called “IframeCustomPluginCssX” where we can associate a .css file via URL to the player.

But we don’t find this option un Player v7.

It’s very important for us because:

  1. To keep the same feel & look in our Webview in the mobile apps
  2. To keep the same feel & look when someone embeds our player in their web

We are able to customize the Player v7 trough the .css of the page where it is loaded but it’s not enough. Is it possible with player v7? What other option we have? Is it in the roadmap of the player v7 that includes this functionality?



Hi @lluisribes

From what I know, player V7 i still in beta and shouldn’t be used in production. That 's what my partner was told on Kaltura Connect 2020 two weeks ago in New Orleans.

We were also fiddling with it for a while but opted to wait until it is ready and all plugins are ported and working as expected.

Hope this help.


Felipe Borrero
Operations Director
Calipso Comunicaciones S.A.

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Hi Felipe,

It is certainly a functionality that not only us but some customers find lacking in the philosophy that the player must allow white label and be able to maintain the desired feel & look in case of embeds. It is true that v7 is very focused on screens and perhaps in environments where it makes no sense to embed by third parties, but it is certainly a very appreciated functionality of the v2 player to be able to assign a .css with a variable by javascript.

Let’s wait for new news.

Thanks so much for your help


Bumping this as there are updates, so in case anyone is interested:

V7 is production ready, but some of the peripheral functionality was not ported yet.
In peripheral I mean not playback related, like webcasting functionality etc.
You can tell the player to load a CSS file by adding the url in the theming section in TV Platform Studio.