Live Streaming on Apple TV


We are using Community edition 5.0. We want to generate a .m3u8 or .mp4 URL for the live stream instead of flv.
We are referring the below link to create .m3u8 url format but it is not working.
Link: (
We could not find any option there for doing the same.
Please let us know if there is any other setting that needs to be done.

Requirement is to play the live stream on Apple TV.
Apple TV does not have webkit. Kaltura player is not supported on the Apple TV.
Native player of Apple TV supports .m3u8/.mp4 formats.

Please provide support on this.

Thanks & Regards

Hello Varun,

CE 5.0 is quite old and is not actively supported for many years now.
I suggest you upgrade to the latest version [12.4.0]. You can see documentation about how to install it here:

A direct migration from CE 5 to latest is a bit tricky but there is documentation as to how to accomplish that here:

Alternatively, you can install a fresh instance and import data from the old version to the new. That is easier in many ways but will mean the entry, ui conf and many other object IDs will change, which will affect any embedded players you have in external sites.

Once you upgrade to the latest version, I’ll be glad to support you further.