Live Stream Playback Issues OSX Safari Browser

I have noticed that I am having issues with playback of LIVE streams only in Safari on Mac OS. It works find in any other browser when using Dynamic or Auto Player embedding. Yet some of the icons and buttons are not loading properly in Safari when using loading LIVE streams. VOD does not have the same issue. Now, I did notice that when I load VOD in other browsers auto play works but in Safari on macOS it does not work. I have to actually click the play button.

What options are there to resolve this issue? I have my UI variable set as:

Kaltura.UseAppleAdaptive : false

Are there any other settings required to fix this issue?

I found the reason why auto playback does not work in Safari but this does not explain why overall playback of LIVE video does not work now. It can be assume the changes in the Safari browser have likely broken the functionally of playback.

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@jess are you able to duplicate this issue?

Hi @hiphopservers,

I myself do not have access to a Safari browser as I do not work with Mac and previous attempts to install it on my Linux box through various mechanisms resulted in much unnecessary pain.
That said, if you’ll provide a sample page, I’ll ask a colleague to have a look. Also, what player version are you using?


I will provide a link to one of the streams without adult content via your inbox for testing purposes but since most of the live streams for this specific system are related to a pay service I will not provide the link in the public forums. However, the current version of the HTML5 player being used is v2.61.1.