Live broadcast how-to

Is there anyone with experience setting up a live broadcast?
I’d like to use the player we currently have in our website to start a live broadcast but don’t know what the process of setting it up entails.


In order to accomplish live streaming using the Kaltura platform, you can either:
work with a CDN that provides, in which case, from KMC, you need to click on Upload->Live Stream Entry->under Live Stream Type, select “Manual Live Stream URL” and input the URLs given to you by the CDN

Use Kaltura’s native Live Stream capabilities, in which case you need to start by install Wowza and following this guide:

then you can select “Kaltura Live Streaming” as the “Live Stream Type”.

This is true to Kaltura CE, when using our SaaS, it is already set up for you so no need to install Wowza yourself. You may need to contact your account manager or the support team to enable the live streaming service, however.

Thanks, very helpful information.


Please see my reply above. The Kaltura Live solution requires Wowza. Red5 is only useful for webcam recording via KMC.


Kaltura Live officially only works with Wowza. Red5 is not supported.
Wowza indeed requires a license. Once you purchase one, if you have specific issues, please post an accurate description and attach log file entries from both Wowza and Kaltura and I’ll do my best to assist.