Listening for events from player in iframe

Hi, I’m new to Kaltura.

I have been asked to include Kaltura videos in some of our courses. I was given an iframe link by an administrator and the video works well. However, I would like to get two pieces of information from the player - the video duration and the current time update stamp. When the student watches 80% of a video on a web page, we give them a credit. When I try to get the duration and timestamp using Javascript event listeners in the browser, I get CORS errors. Is there any way to do this from the iframe, or do I have to download the player and install it on the web page?

Hello @patb

In order to use an iframe embed code, your web-site (embedded the iframe code) should use server certification, HTTPS, and secure cookie.
And, your web-site should set the following cookie:


Your web-site (or Kaltura server) might also need to send the following response header:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *