List entries which user is entitled

The thing is i have main category with subcategories.
subcategory has only one entry.
Subcategory has user set up as member. And now this code:

$filter = new MediaEntryFilter();
$filter->entitledUsersViewMatchAnd = ‘’;
$pager = new FilterPager();
return $this->client->media->listAction($filter, $pager);

Return nothing, without entitledUsersViewMatchAnd scope listAction works fine.
What i’m doing wrong?

Hello @pmaslak,

If we’re talking about channel membership then you need to call categoryuser.list() [KMS channels are implemented as categories].
Look at the permissionLevel and permissionNames members.

The permissionLevel member values map to:

class KalturaCategoryUserPermissionLevel extends KalturaEnumBase
        const MANAGER = 0; 
        const MODERATOR = 1; 
        const CONTRIBUTOR = 2; 
        const MEMBER = 3; 
        const NONE = 4; 
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