Linking Hotspots to Playlist Videos

Does anyone know if it is possible to link a hotspot from a video in a playlist to another video in that playlist? I’d love to have a three video playlist but have hotspots in the first video that allow people to skip to the other videos.

Hello @jw2546,

This can be accomplished by utilising the solution described here

This is available to both our SaaS and OnPremise customers but is not part of the Community Edition.


Hello @jess,

So, I am using hotspots as noted on that page, but nowhere does it say how I could implement a hotspot to lead to another video within an attached playlist. When adding a hotspot, I can go to another time within the same video or to a URL. I do not want to be led to another site, so a URL is not a good choice and going to a time within the same video also won’t get me to another video on the same playlist.

Do you know the specifics of what I would need to do to accomplish my goal?