Linebreaks in entry metadata description

This one is impossible to search for because the terms “information screen” and “metadata description” are a bit ambiguous - I’m looking to implement the info screen on a player to display a snippet of text about the video. I’m trying to find out what is allowed in the metadata description for that video – we want to show paragraphs, but I cannot seem to get a linebreak to work (br html tags are stripped), while a link anchor tag does not seem to be stripped (a link is created, but does not function) – can I put line breaks in the metadata description, and how? What about links?

Indeed all metadata fields are stripped from HTML characters to prevent malicious code injection so you can’t add line breaks or links in the metadata itself.
You can use a new feature to be published soon called “partial mediaProxy override” in your embed code to achieve what you need. Consider adding to your embed code flashvars block something like:
‘flashvars’: {
         ‘description’: “first line<br>second line<br><a href=‘’ target=’_blank’>Kaltura API Documentation></a>”

Note that partial mediaProxy overrides work only with version 2.35 of the player that will be published on September 20.
If you want to use it with an older version, you need to override the entire mediaProxy object as shown in this example:

Hope that helps,

Thanks, that does help!