Limitation in the search


why it’s not able in the search of the KMC thi kind of search:

Partial search – Kaltura does not support a partial word search. For example, searching for the word ‘helloworld’ is resulted in a search but searching for ‘hello’ or ‘world’ will not produce the desired result.

What I can do if I want to search for all the words that contiains by exemple “empo” to list entries with the name “Tiempo”.



Hi @lluisribes,

From your quote, I assume you already read this document:

The Kaltura search API does have certain limitations, including the one you mentioned, as described in the above document.
However, quoting from the same document:

Kaltura supports a partial wildcard search. You can append a search word with 3 or more characters with an asterisk * at the end of the word. For example, searching for the string hello* should result in all words beginning with hello, including helloworld. The asterisk only works as a wildcard at the end of a term. It cannot be used as a wildcard at the beginning or in the middle of a term.

So, while searching for “empo" will not work, searching for "Tiem” will.

There are no plans to change this at present time but should that change, the documentation will of course, be modified to reflect that.

Yes, I know about the use of * and it’s interesting but sadly it’s not available in the beginning or middle of the term…

We wish to search strings inside the words, so in this moment it is impossible, is it?

thanks Jess for quick answer


And via API? Is it possible?


Hi @lluisribes,

As mentioned before, KMC uses the API to achieve search operations [as well all other operations].
The limitation is not on KMC’s side.

You could, of course, make an API baseEntry/media->list() request and run through each entry’s name and description members from your own code, in which case, you’ll be able to search for whatever pattern you wish.

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