Latest Playkit and Nodejs version


I’ve been testing the latest RPMs (18.x) and I ran into a strange issue with player V7 3.5.
I’m still using Centos 7.9 in order not to break too many things. When upgrading from 16.x up to 18.12, everything works apart from a couple of version settings on appversions.ini
This includes nodejs 9 (Centos 7 default).

However, when performing a clean install the player doesn’t work and gives me this nasty 404 error, that I’ve fixed before with the gulp package:
Failed to load resource:{latest},playkit-kava={latest}/langs/en,de,fr,es,it,nl,ru,pt_br,ja,zh_cn,zh_tw,hi_in,ar,he,ko,fr_ca,fithe server responded with a status of 404 ()

I have reinstalled nodejs 12 and 14 from scratch and nothing seems to be missing.

My (kind of stupid) question is, knowing that is a dev version:
Should I report the issue or what should I check with nodejs in order to make it work ?

Thanks for any help,