Last upload date on entry_id in KMC

How to know the last date a file upload / modification have been done on a entry_id from the ?

Hi @jo2012,

KMC only shows the time at which the entry was created.
However, the KalturaMediaEntry object has an updatedAt member which you can get when making API requests to the media.get() media.list() actions and also, each KalturaFlavorAsset has an updatedAt member as well.
Remember that an entry ID is an abstract object [not from a code perspective but rather in the sense that it does not represent an actual file on the FS], whereas a FlavorAsset, actually means a corresponding media file on the FS.

is it possible to view those information from the KMC ?
this is not needed by a programmer but by a videographer (technical people) that want to check when was the last time the video was uploaded.

No, sorry, as I said, that’s not currently exposed in KMC. You could create a little web I/F for them that uses the API to retrieve that data though.

Is it possible to ask it as a small feature for the next version of kmc?

Hello, I did not receive any response…
could this be addressed as a feature for the next version of kmc ?

Hello @jo2012,

We’re currently in the process of releasing a new KMC, based on Angular and Flash free.
We’ll consider adding the updatedAt metadata there.
I do not have an ETA for this release but I’ll keep you posted.