Large AWS installations of Kaltura CE?

Hi Kaltura Community.

We are assessing installing Kaltura in AWS and wanted to hear from any users that have done that and how they have approached elastic scaling of the Kaltura services within AWS at a large scale.


  • Using RDS vs EC2 MiraDB / MySQL
  • S3 do you use remote storage plugin ?
  • Using the AWS native ELBs or something custom ?
  • Chef recipes, deployment patterns ?
  • Encoding scaling ?
  • Image / thumbnail serving / scaling considerations ?

If you would feel more comfortable reaching out directly feel free to PM message me.

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Hi @mdale1,

This might help you:


Hi Michael,
I’ve done n AWS deployment, not sure what I can contribute to you, but feel free to ask.



Hai All,
I am very new to Kaltura CE and want to understand different technologies used in Kaltura CE, I have Kaltura Single Server setup and able to use it. In case if I want to do any modification to APIs or add any new APIs, what all things I need to do?
Aws Developer

Hi @riyawilliams,

The Kaltura Core is completely FOSS and most of its components are licensed under AGPLv3. Each such repo includes a LICENSE file.
Contributions are very much welcomed. Please see for more info.

Thanks@jess for your information