Kms status stuck is saying uploading

hello emergency help, i have kaltura 12.8 in my kmc i am using upload from desktop. when i put the file to upload the status sticks on uploading. i am using source so no conversion is done. how can i restart this upload i have data in kaltura so i am afraid of using

also when i click the studio tab in the kmc it loads with a blank page no errors.

when i try to play uploaded videos in the edit entry window or clicp a video its says sorry media cannot be found.

why is it sticking on uploading

please what can i do help me.

Hello @stein,

My guess would be your batch daemon is down.
To check:
# service kaltura-batch status
to start:
# service kaltura-batch start
if after that, it’s still not running, look for errors in /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_batch.log

batch is up and running

but upload sticking

can log in and fix it for me

whats your skype id

we can chat and speak there i really need help