Kms reach module

Hi Kaltura Community,

In our KMS, we want all users to use the auto-generated, 30 minute captioning. However, we want to restrict Human Professional captions and translations. If someone wants Human Professional, then I want that restricted so only certain users are able to request and certain users to be able to approve the request.
I’ve read documentation, namely:, and
Where I’m getting confused are all the settings in the REACH module of the KMS configuration area. It reads well but I don’t want to prevent auto-generated, 30 minute captioning or their ability to edit what is returned. I think I know which setting to check and uncheck and figured I’d ask you, good user, for guidance. Please let me know.
Thanks, Jim

Hi @jjennings,

The REACH KMS module indeed has many different settings that provide flexibility with regards to defining the desired flow. Seeing how you are paying customer, I suggest you contact your account manager. They’ll be able to guide you as to how best configure it to achieve your goals.


Thanks, jess, I have. Just want to see who suggests a viable answer first: community or account manager. :smiley: