KMCng instead of flash kmc


I see there is KMCng as an html5 alternative for the flash kmc.
Is there a plan to integrate it to the community edition in the near future?

Hi @benny_1,

Indeed there is. It’s work in progress though and cannot currently replace the existing KMC.
It will be replaced as soon as all Core features are implemented.

For now, you are more than welcome to test it and provide feedback.
There are deployment instructions here:

and you will also need to edit and set to your CE endpoint:

Hi @jess,

Is there any ETA to have KMCng ready?


Hello @NAmorim1,

There is no final ETA at the moment but as you can see here:, we’re hard at work:)
The README for this repo includes detailed deployment instructions and you are most welcome to try it out and provide your feedback.


Hi @benny_1,

The KMCng package [kaltura-kmcng] is available in the 14.1.0 repos.
Please see the announcement here: