KMCng - "Iframe Embed" and "Support for HTTPS Embed Code"

I configured in the publisher:
Default Embed Code Type: Iframe Embed

When I went to “Share & Embed” I saw in Advanced Settings by default:
Embed Type: Dynamic Embed
Why isn´t Iframe Embed?

And “Support for HTTPS Embed Code” was activated and “Standalone Preview” the URL is not https://

Hello @angober

I couldn’t help but to notice that you are probably using an onPrem configuration (and not SaaS).

Could you please check if your site supports https? in addition, can you please inspect if you can alter the protocol from HTTP to HTTPS manually when getting redirect to the “Preview Page”?

My website is configured by HTTPS:

And when I push over “Standalone Preview” the website redirect to HTTPS:

How can I make it default as Iframe Embed?


Since adopting the Kaltura CE 14.2.0, we face the same problem.
Currently, the Kaltura CE 14.18.0 is adopted, but this has not been resolved.

Now, we use the CentOS 7 for our Kaltura servers.
Such problems can occur in certain server environments?

Ok thanks. I use Red Hat Enterprise 6 in ours servers.


The Red Hat Enterprise and the CentOS are very similar.
And, I seem that this problem has continued since the adoption of the KMCng for our Kaltura site.

Do other sites using these operating systems have the same problem?

Hello everyone.

I found a code that caused this problem.

Our servers employ the Kaltrua CE 14.18.0, and the version of KMCng is 5.7.1.
The “/opt/kaltura/apps/kmcng/v5.7.1/main.56e763caa0a388ded4f6.js” includes the following code:


This code generates URLs that begin with “http” regardless of whether the Kaltura server is secure or non-secure.
In order to get URLs starting with “https”, please replace “http” with “https”.

We should modify this code to add “http” or “https” depending on the CDN server’s protocol.
But, I don’t know how to fix it.


Hello, everyone.

Then, we have modified above statement as follows:


After the change, the KMC-ng on our server displays URLs according to the communication protocol (http/https) of the Web server.

We have applied for modification of source codes of kmc-ng repository on the GitHub.


Thank you very much for the change.