KMCng analytics doesn't seem to be working

Hey all,

Just updated my dev cluster to 15.11. Things seem to be working just fine, generally. Videos play, uploads work, etc.

However, I decided to dive into the kmcng as Flash is finally on it’s last legs. The content view seems to work, but the analytics pages don’t function. The browser just displays “Loading…” text, and nothing else.

I don’t see any overt errors in the browser console that would point me in the right direction. Both front end servers in my cluster have the html5-analytics package on them.


Maybe I’m missing another package? Any tips appreciated. Thanks!


I guess I am assuming this should work at this time :slight_smile:

I am facing same problem, it just worked fine till 15.10.
Also 15.12 seem hard to release than usual.


I’ve released 15.14.0 yesterday. KMCng’s analytics dashboard should be functional after the upgrade.


thanks! I’ll be updating shortly