Kmcng account settings error

When trying to see the account settings in kmcng I get this error:
“An error occurred during Account Info loading”
All other options work: integration settings, access control, transcoding settings, etc…

Hi @benny_1,

Start by checking the Console tab for JS errors and the Network tab for failing requests.
I guess there’s some character[s] in one of the fields that view is meant to display that is causing the issue but it’s only a guess. Also, does this only happen with a certain partner or all of them?

No erros in console tab or network tab.

It happens for all partners.

I’ve noticed that the partner is missing any kmc users (even the partner user) in the kmc users action selected from the admin panel.

What do you see in the kaltura.kuser table? Perhaps you need to reindex?
If you see records in the kuser table but not in KMC, you probably just need to reindex. If the issue is only with users (not entries and categories, etc), you can reindex users only with:

# php  /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/scripts/utils/updatePartnerEntries2Sphinx.php -1 execute kuserPeer

Worked like a charm.


You’re welcome. Glad we’re good now.