Kmc "View a standalone page with this player" does not show a standalone player

After installing 12.16 under CentOS 7.3, we wanted to check whether it fixed a windows10 edge playback issue so using chrome we went into kmc and then content, selected “Sample Big Buck Bunny Trailer (HD)” video, action “preview and imbed” and the html5 player. Under “View a standalone page with this player” we saw the url for the player and right clicked and selected “open link in new tab”. In our 11.2 aio installation, the new tab shows a player but in the fresh 12.16 install, the new tab does not show a player but instead shows a line containing 4 links i.e. “Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player”. When I click on any of these 4 links, they take me to a page on Kaltura’s web site e.g.
I need the url to the player so I can test whether the 12.16 installation fixes a problem. Is there can other way to get the url to the player so it can be given to someone who has windows10 edge so they can use the url to display the player and play the video to check that it works using edge?

BTW chrome showed a http 500 error and kaltlog showed an error. See below:

http 500 error:


kaltlog error:

2017-06-05 11:12:40 [0.000245] [] [250543530] [18] [API] [KalturaFrontController->getExceptionObject] ERR: exception ‘KalturaAPIException’ with message ‘Unknown widget [_99]’ in /data/kaltura/app/api_v3/services/SessionService.php:285
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: SessionService->startWidgetSession(’_99’, 86400)

After more research, I found a blog that seemed to describe this situation. It suggested creating a new publisher. That did the trick and “View a standalone page with this player” now works and kaltlog no longer shows the “unknown widget _99” exception.

The next problem was when I tried to define a drop folder that would import video files placed in directory /data/kalt-dropfolder. When I tried to create a type “local” drop folder, the following message was displayed:

Plugin [dropFolder] is not available for partner [102]

kaltlog showed the following message:

2017-06-05 15:40:16 [0.000479] [1007506094] [25] [%context%] [DropFolderConfigureAction->doAction] ERR: exception ‘Exception’ with message 'Plugin [dropFolder] is not available for partner [102]
#0 /data/kaltura/app/admin_console/lib/Kaltura/Client/ClientBase.php(930): Kaltura_Client_ClientBase->getKalturaAPIException(‘Plugin [dropFol…’, ‘PLUGIN_NOT_AVAI…’, Array)

A google search for plugins and dropfolder has been fruitless. Can anyone tell me why this message is being logged? I would have thought that the dropFolder plugin was a part of the base Kaltura CE installation.


Hi @stanrate,

You shouldn’t be using the template partner [99] when testing playback, it will not work.
This partner is only meant for defining the default content [entries, players, etc] to be copied over when creating a new partner.
Please go to Admin Console->Publishers->Add New Publusher
After creating the new publisher/partner, you can auto login to KMC by going to Publishers->Your Partner’s row->Actions->Manage or, once you’ve set a password for it, by going to the KMC login page and inputting the correct email and passwd for the newly created partner.

Then, playback should work correctly.