KMC (Flash issues)

I am just getting to grips with Kaltura, so may have a few questions; but will send them as individual queries.

Accessing the dashboard for our hosted account.
It’s telling me I need Flash for access; is there an alternative way in? And/or will future iterations not require it?


[And a very minor question - for the data / tracking, is it possible to get the dates in European standards, I have to mentally convert to ensure I know what date I’m thinking about!].


Flash should only be needed for the KMC, i.e Kaltura Management Console. As it is written in Flash. We currently do not have an alternative to that, though I can say we are aware of it being an issue and are working on it.

For MediaSpace and player, no Flash is required.

As for data tracking, I assume you mean the Analytics in KMC? can you explain exactly which screen and field you are referring to?

Thanks for the info re. flash.

As to the dates, I’m looking at Analytics & "Content reports"
The dates are showing as 4/10/2016 … which, to me, hasn’t happened yet :slight_smile: Would be useful if it was possible to set them to 10/4 … (i.e. April 10th)


Hi Emma,

As a fellow non-American, I understand:)
However, there’s no option to dynamically change that, I’m afraid.
When you click to set the dates, though, it does show the full month’s name, which makes it easier.