KalturaPlayer Fullscreen not working on Safar, iPhone

Hi, I am facing an issue with KalturaPlayer running in Safari on iPhone 7, v 15.7.3. The fullscreen button doesn’t do anything. I configured the player with inBrowserFullscreen: true and playsinline: true, but the fullscreen button simply does nothing. Any clues here?

Edit: When debugging the Player, I can see in the console that the FullScreen toggle event is sent every time the button is clicked. The Button itself also updates it’s appearance, but the fullscreen mode never happens.

Sounds like you are embedding in an iframe, and if this is this case then in browser fullscreen will be constrained to context permissions which are restricted to the iframe bounds.

@oren_melamed thanks for your reply. There is no Iframe in use. I can send the video element to fullscreen when disabeling inBrowserFullscreen and playsinline, but this results in having the native UI of the iPhone. Is there a way to have KalturaPlayer UI in Fullscreen on Safari Mobile?

playsinline will mean u can choose to play inline and in fullscreen or just in fullscreen.
inBrowserFullscreen willl determine if to use native fullscreen of ios(no customized controls) or customized in browser with CSS.

Sounds to me that u might have some collision on your site causing the inBrowserFullscreen to fail - two suggestions, first, please open a support issue, second, please test the config in a standalone page to check if there is indeed a collision.

thanks for taking time. For now I went with using the native fullscreen and getting rid of inBrowserFullscreen and also playsinline, as it does not break other things of the current implementation, like f.e. tracking. The reason for this decision is simple: deadlines, and it works like that. Do not have time unfortunately to wait for a better solution for now. Will maybe come back on your suggestions later on if this topic comes up as task later on, for now its good. Can be closed @moderators