Kaltura Videos not working on mobile devices

I have installed Kaltura CE on my own server and everything is working fine; except that when I try watch a video on mobile it doesn’t seem to pickup that it’s a mobile device and the video doesn’t play. Is there perhaps a setting that I am missing? See this URL


Looking at it from a PC, I see you are embeding using the legacy KDP3 player. Can you please try creating an HTML5 player using the Studio and embed using it instead? if it still does not work, can you run kaltlog in the server’s shell while making the request and look for errors and if you don’t see any, look for a calls to playManifest in /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_api_v3.log and also in the apache access log and paste them here?

In addition, what is the output for:
mysql> select name, tags from flavor_params;
mysql> select * from delivery_profile\G

be sure to mask sensitive info from the last query.

When we create HTML5 Player then Video Tag generated successfully but when we try to Play Video that Video not bind with tag so video not Playing.
Any ideas?

Hi Jess

Can you tell me how to create an HTML 5 player. Not sure I am doing it correctly?


All players created from the ‘Universal studio’ tab are HTML5.
Are you playing the videos from the Kaltura storage or from a CDN? if CDN, which?
Regardless, lets look at the output of:
mysql> select name, tags, is_default from flavor_params;
as well as:
mysql> select id,tags,flavor_params_id from flavor_asset where entry_id=$ENTRY_ID;

And also, at the output of:
# kaltlog
while running the request