Kaltura Video Platform (16.2.0) : Transcoding Error with Source

This is now day 4, i have a video that has been in transcode mode converting from desktop to you. it should be migrating into an .mp4 but it’s just spinning around. I have made a trouble ticket with my host provider https://kaltura.getstreamhosting.com/ to investigate the matter

Is there a known issue in the source file that is causing this error, i have tried different video format and all are now failing.

Hello @john_hilla,

I refer you to my note to you here: SSL Certificate has Expired
Please do not post Stream AMG specific issues on this forum (general questions about the Kaltura platform are fine, since Stream AMG does make use of the Kaltura code base, but not issues that pertain solely to Stream AMG’s hosting/systems).

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Sorry Jess… I can’t believe I fell for this twice. Yes you are right and I was wrong. I’m going to document any further instance to check the license to see if valid or expired before I reach out. I am sorry for the intrusion. PS. Love Kaltura.