Kaltura video not opening on Matterport video tag

Hi Team ,

We are using Matterport for the 360 degree video creation . I am aware that Kaltura is one of the suppored provider for matterport , to play the video from the Matterport hotspot (Matterport tag) media tag.

But not working for Kaltura even if I tried the same way (which is listed under the Matterport supported provider list - http://embed.ly/providers ). Any specific link pattern to be followed while using Kaltura link ?

The Kaltura link i am using is http://www.kaltura.com/tiny/k0l41

But ,I am able to create a hotspot to click and play a video from youtube / vimeo as in materport using Media tag , where we can get a feel of a small popup on the 360 degree base video.

Appreciate your help as we are planning to use Kaltura.

HI @joshyravi,

All players configured for this partner, including the one you’re using in your sample URL [UI conf ID: 41580182] are very old and based on Flash.
Please start by creating a new HTML5 player from KMC->Studio. One done, use that in your embed code.

If there is still an issue, please provide a new sample URL and we’ll gladly take a look.