Kaltura v14.5 - error: KS session - Internal server error occurred


I want to list all videos from my account.
I have issue to set up the KS session : Internal server error occurred
Please advise. Thank you.

Admin Console;Developer;System Helper
“KS” and in the “String to manipulate:”

I set up the session as follows from URL bellow

Output: Internal server error occurred

I set up the session as follows:

var PARTNER_ID = 1234;
var USER_ID = 'me@domain.com';
var SECRET = '123456';

var config = new KalturaConfiguration(PARTNER_ID);
var client = new KalturaClient(config);

client.session.start(function(success, ks) {
    // ... store the client ...
}, SECRET, USER_ID, KalturaSessionType.ADMIN, PARTNER_ID);

Hi @astrava,

Not sure I understand.
client.session.start() will return a Kaltura Session [KS] string. You then have to call client.setKs(ks) before you can make API requests that require authorisation.
Are you saying the string client.session.start() returns is not a valid KS? As in, it cannot be decoded? If that’s the case:

  • Are you passing the correct partner ID and admin secret?
  • Are you positive the partner in question is active?

Hi Jess,

Thank you for prompt reply. I can connect.