Kaltura upgrade from 11.14.0 to the latest with MySQL from 5.1.73 to the latest

We want to upgrade our existing Kaltura from 11.14.0 to the latest open-source version with upgrading also MySQL 5.1.73 to the latest supported version.

  • It’s a live system, so the upgrade shall be done on different servers. We prefer the first installation on empty servers (different server per role) and migration of data to the new installation

  • Installation on CentOS

  • Links, delivery profiles, entry_ids, flavor_ids, player_ids, etc. should not be changed. It’s a real migration by keeping ids.

  • New Kaltura installations shall be dockerized on VPS.

  • Empty DB will be provided, no need to install a new DB (MySQL latest version)

  • DB size is 105 GB

  • Shall be completed ASAP

  • Files are 2.8 TB

  • No regression problems on any module of Kaltura including analytics, reports

  • Budget is negotiable regarding proposals.

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Anyone interested please do contact us via the reply button. We’re still waiting on replies so conside rthis offer still open.

@aquileasfx1 - you may find this of interest.


Hello @aykutt,

I can help you with this request, I have plenty of experience migrating from older versions to the latest, what is the time frame available for this? I’m currently working in a project but I can start Sep 1st and this can be achieved in around two weeks to three weeks,

I’ll give you my contact details in a private message.

Bryan Giles

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Thank you very much @jess


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De nada, Bryan:) Have a good one.

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Thank you so much for your attention @jess, we got in contact via mail.