Kaltura slow with ngrok?

I and some other coders are doing some local testing with Kaltura using ngrok. ngrok is a service that gives you public domain name to link to your system. We are using the free service.

Sometimes when connecting to ngrok, we can receive the kaltura webhooks. Sometimes we cannot.
I’m working with some coders in Argentina, and it seems they have an even worse time.

Is this because Kaltura is unable to access the ngrok DNS right away, and it may take some time? Thanks!

Hello @ewanchic ,

When you say “web hooks”, do you mean the event notification mechanism (https://developer.kaltura.com/workflows/Integration_Scheduling_and_Hooks/Backend_and_Email_Notifications)?

Also, what do you mean by ‘local’ testing? Are we talking about CE or SaaS?

At any rate, it the configured domain is not resolved then obviously, no code can reach it…
Please provide more details and we’ll do our best to help you.

Hey @jess,
Thanks for the reply.

Yes, event notifications, SaaS, local testing means locally on my own computer with no static IP.

The domains work when I test them, I just thought Kaltura’s DNS wasn’t receiving them in time. However, it’s a mute point now. My co-worker discovered that he didn’t cloe Kaltura accounts properly, and instead we were all using just one account; that’s why we were having trouble.

So, forget my question, but thanks for the help!!

Hi @ewanchic ,

No worries, glad we’re good.